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“The Democratic Party will make it easier to start and grow a small business in supporting small business and entrepreneurship, we can grow jobs faster in America.”

-Democratic Party Platform







The purpose of this organization shall be to unite the small business men and women of Virginia to support the Democratic Party and its candidates, encourage active participation of small business men and women in the Party, encourage, educate, and finance Democratic small business men and women who aspire to public office, and raise awareness of small business issues in the Commonwealth and the Virginia Democratic Party. We hope you will join us today and participate in the effort to empower small business men and women of Virginia in the political process. VADSBC is in the formation process. The Business Caucus was activated in a January 2013 meeting, where the Caucus convened, formed a political committee, elected officers, and set appropriate annual dues. Following are a few advantages of membership:


  • Inclusion in the VADSBC membership listing         

  • Invitations to all VADSBC meetings       

  • Voting privileges at VADSBC meetings        

  • Right to post your business (or others) info in VADSBC Business Repository Listing      

  • Email updates of upcoming VADSBC related events

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