Virginia Democratic Small Business Caucus

DNC Small Business Council
Virginia Democratic Small Business Caucus (VADSBC)
Event Supporting Biden-Harris 2020
Tuesday, August 18th at the DNC 2020 Convention
The DNC Small Business Council and the DPVA Small Business Caucus, both are official Democratic constituency council and caucus. The event is open to delegates and the public:


Tuesday August 18 at 1:00 PM ET

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Viewers will have an opportunity to hear from Members of Congress on their respective Small Business Committees, national small business leaders, and diverse panels of small business experts on issues of importance to small business owners and how we can work together to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Democrats up and down the ballot.


●      Remarks from Members of Congress

●      Remarks from Special Guests 

●      Panel discussion on Diversity and the Face of Small Business


Tuesday's 18th August Program

1:00pm - Welcome - DNC Small Business Owner & Council Chair Andrew Lachman

1:05pm - Remarks from Congressman Harley Rouda

1:10pm - Remarks by Congressman Dwight Evans 

1:13pm - Introduction of Andrew Yang by Christine Chin Ryan

1:14pm - Remarks by Andrew Yang

1:24pm - Introduction of Terry McAuliffe by VA Small Business Chair, Mark Cannady

1:26pm - Remarks by Governor Terry McAuliffe

1:37pm - Introduction of Rep. Andy Kim by Kelly Maer

1:40pm - Congressman Andy Kim Remarks and Introduction of Sen. Cory Booker

1:45pm - Senator Cory Booker Remarks 

1:53pm - Introduction of Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez by Andrew Lachman

1:54pm - Remarks by Rep. Nydia Velazquez

2:04pm - Rhett Buttle Introduces Rep. Judy Chu and Panel

2:05pm - Diversity and the Face of Small Business Panel led by Rep. Judy Chu

-       Ron Busby, Sr. - CEO of U.S. Black Chambers 

-       Esther Lee - President & CEO of Refraction 

-       Rep. Eddie Lucio - Texas State Representative 

2:50pm - Closing Remarks by Andrew Lachman






1 - Establish a VADSBC presence in all 11 Virginia Congressional Districts. 


2 - Establish an effective VADSBC Internet & Media presence. 


3 - Execute VADSBC organizing goals by: 

3(a)   Creating a Directory of DEM Small Business.

3(b)   Electing more Democrats with DEM Small Business input.


4 - Help DEM Small Business owners to grow and residents to prosper.





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